Tsunami Sunshine

What We Offer

Tsunami Sunshine is a full-service shop offering: 

  • Repairs & Maintenance - in-house or in the field
  • Rentals - large variety of sealed air inflatables for recreational and special event use
  • Retail - the largest inventory of pieces, parts, and accessories in the US


Our technicians can address leaks by either patching or seam repairs. We also have the largest inventory in the US of D-rings, handles and lifting plates in a variety of colors.

Washing & Cleaning

Most inflatables are exposed to external elements like weather, wind, and sand. They get really dirty and cleaning them can be quite a task. We can help you wash and clean your inflatables.


Are you considering replacing your old inflatable with a new inflatable? We can help you refurbish your existing inflatable at a reduced cost.

Seasonal Service & Maintenance

Inflatables need to be serviced regularly to make them last longer. We can help you maintain them with regular servicing.

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